What to Expect

 What to expect during your visit to VREHA:

  • If your pet is stable, upon arrival to our facility, you will be asked to complete and sign
    paperwork to get your pet checked into our hospital. We will then escort you to an exam
    room where a current weight and complete set of vitals (temperature, pulse, respiratory
    rate) will be obtained. Our technician will obtain your pets’ medical history and will
    address your concerns regarding your visit.
  • If your pet is in an immediate crisis, we will take your pet to the treatment area. We will
    then begin to assess and stabilize.
  • A thorough physical examination will be performed.
  • We will discuss any recommended test(s), possible  causes,  prognosis,  and  treatment
    options, including the cost of each option provided.
  • When your pet is discharged from the hospital, you will receive written at home care instructions and your family veterinarian will receive a faxed report of your pet’s medical records.