Physiotherapy, Conditioning & Rehab for Pets - Arlington, TX

After you undergo comprehensive treatment for a serious ailment, such as a brain disease/injury, muscular disorder, hip problems, or spinal injuries, rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process. The same goes for members of your pet family. Veterinary Referral & Emergency Hospital of Arlington specializes in neurology & neurosurgery for large and small animals and supports their continued wellness with post-treatment physical therapy, conditioning, and rehabilitation programs.

Arlington, TX Physical Therapy for Pets

Your pet’s after care program is an important part of achieving successful recovery from surgical care or injury.  Physical therapy efforts help your pet regain full function, mobility, and vitality. Our Arlington veterinarians provide the following therapies for the purposes of conditioning and rehabilitation:

• Aquatic Therapy
• Fitness Programs
• Home Care Programs
• Massage Therapy
• Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
• Superficial Cold and Heat Treatments

Our office features an underwater treadmill to help strengthen muscle. We can even help your pet achieve a healthy weight with weight loss and management programs. As a referral clinic, and the only emergency hospital in the heart of the DFW metroplex, we can work with general veterinarians to make these technologies and therapies available to a wide range of pets and their families. 

Our physiotherapy department was featured on WFAA channel 8 ABC news, please click on the link below:

                                                                           Remarkable recovery for abused dog: "Saint"

Aiding the Healing Process with Light and Sound

Our team of veterinarians helps promote the healing process with specialized sound wave and light wave technology; we use the following treatment aids to boost rehabilitation and physical therapy efforts:

Therapeutic Ultrasound – This equipment stimulates tissue via sound waves and is ideal for arthritis therapy and other muscle rehabilitation. 

Cold Laser (K-laser) Therapy – Like the ultrasound, cold lasers stimulate tissue, but this particular method uses light waves – specifically a low-power red laser, instead of sound waves.

These, and other rehabilitative technologies in use at our Arlington veterinary clinic, are non-invasive and help your pet heal after surgical care or serious injury. Our physiotherapy treatments stimulate tissue and promote healthy movement and increased functionality.  We can even set up a home care program, so you can look after your pet’s needs and ensure their wellness after they return to their comfort of their home.

Does Your Pet Need Physical Therapy after Surgery? Contact VREHA

Our commitment to quality veterinary care, coupled with our doctors’ extensive training and the advanced technology used at our office, makes us an ideal place for pet rehabilitation.

If you have questions about the physical therapy, conditioning, or the rehabilitation process, call our Arlington, TX veterinary clinic for more information.