Neurology / Neurosurgery for Pets in Arlington

Having an ill pet can be a troubling time for pet owners, especially if the concern involves serious problems like seizures, strokes, slipped discs, head injuries, or other spinal cord and brain problems. At Veterinary Referral and Emergency Hospital of Arlington, we use advanced diagnostic aids to help pinpoint problem areas that are causing your pet pain.

When needed, our team of gentle and skilled veterinary neurosurgeons performs essential surgical therapies to restore your pet’s vitality and quality of life. We know how difficult it can be to see your beloved pet struggle with a major health problem. Our goal is to offer compassionate and skilled care to find the best treatment plan possible.

Diagnosing Neurologic Disorders

Neurology is the testing and research portion for finding the appropriate therapies for your pet. Our Arlington veterinary surgeons use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasounds, and CT (computerized tomography) scans to get a precise picture of your pet’s hard and soft tissues – such as bone, lungs, spine, and brain. 

With sophisticated imaging equipment, we’re able to find the source of your pet’s ailment, so that a proper treatment plan can be put into place.

When Does My Pet Need Neurosurgery?

Surgical intervention is typically indicated for treatment of brain, spinal cord, and muscular issues that are adversely affecting your pet.

Conditions involving these structures can sometimes be caused by breed quirks. For example, some kinds of cats and dogs are known for hip problems, and others may have back issues. Neurosurgery can also be used in instances of pet cancer, to help remove malignant tissue. Our neurosurgery procedures include treatment for:

- Slipped discs
- Seizures
- Compressed or fractured spines
- Head trauma
- Tumor removal
- Hip dysplasia

Our Arlington, TX animal hospital is well-equipped to provide your pet with comprehensive surgical care. Dr. Antonio Bowens, our Hospital Director and Head of Neurosurgery, has extensive training in neurology and neurosurgery for large and small animals.  When you visit our clinic for treatment, your pet’s care and well-being are in qualified hands.

Physiotherapy and Rehab

We offer physical therapy and rehabilitation programs to help your pet recover after surgical treatment from our office. Physiotherapy improves your pet’s mobility and function after treatment for muscular or spinal cord procedures.  We use also exercise therapy, with help of our underwater treadmill, and other treatments, such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation to aid in the rehabilitation process.

Speak to Our Arlington Veterinary Surgeons Today

If you have questions about how we can diagnose or treat your pet’s hip, back, or spinal cord problems, please give us a call today. We can also expertly care for pet patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or who are experiencing brain and muscular issues. Our Arlington, TX pet neurosurgeons are here to help.