Hospital Guidelines and Policies

Arlington Hospital Guidelines and Policies

Patient Care

When our patients require continuous intensive care and treatment around the clock; we are fortunate to have a fully staffed 7 days a week at our hospital. Rest assured, our staff are monitoring and treating your pet throughout the night.

Personal Items

During your pet’s stay, we will do everything possible to ensure your pet is comfortable. We will always provide safe and comfortable bedding so each pet has a soft place to lie down. You are more than welcome to leave a special blanket or toy with them. We do our best to label and keep track of all personal items. However, these items can get lost or misplaced. For this reason, we cannot guarantee these items will be returned and we will not be responsible for any items left with your pet. Do NOT leave personal items with your pet that have significant sentimental or monetary value.

Communication/Patient Updates

Each morning, our doctors and staff will assess each hospitalized patient and call all of the owners to give an update on how their pet is doing. We begin making phone calls each morning once all the patients have been evaluated and medical records have been updated. You may call throughout the day or night to receive additional updates from one of our technicians. The doctors may not be available for phone updates due to seeing patients or performing surgical procedures.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day. While your pet is hospitalized overnight, you may call for an update on your pet.


Visitation is encouraged. It is recommended that visitations be scheduled in advance, so feel free to schedule them with any of our staff members. For safety reasons, it is against hospital policy for clients to enter the treatment area. Therefore, we will usually bring your pet to you in one of our exam rooms for a visit. If your pet is critical and cannot be without technical supervision and supportive care, you may be allowed to visit in the ICU ward. Please be respectful of other critically ill animals in the hospital and limit all visitations to 15 minutes or less. Any questions you may have about your pet during the visit should be directed to one of our technicians.


All patients will be discharged at the doctor’s discretion and you will be notified of a discharge appointment time to take your pet home. When your pet is discharged, you will be given verbal and written care instructions for his/her aftercare. It is very important that you understand how to give your pet the proper care after they have left the hospital. Please feel free to ask our staff any questions about your pet’s medications, or how to administer them that you may have. Please review your written discharge instructions again once you get settled at home with your pet to make sure nothing gets missed. If you have any questions once you are home, do not hesitate to give us a call.